Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – January 8, 2008

How Do Front-Loading the Primary Calendar and Record Campaign Spending Affect the 2008 Race?
How to Rig an Election: Convicted Former GOP Operative Details 2002 New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scheme
Student Volunteers For McCain, Paul Campaigns Voice Support For Candidates

Today’s Headlines

    * New Hampshire Voters Head To Polls
    * Sen. Clinton: “This Is Very Personal For Me. It’s Not Just Political”
    * Obama Set To Win Major Nevada Union Endorsement
    * Iran Accused of Harassing U.S. Warships
    * PPP Party Calls For UN Inquiry Into Bhutto Assassination
    * Supreme Court To Decide Legality of Lethal Injection
    * New Jersey Officially Apologizes For Slavery
    * Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo For Predatory Lending
    * FDA To Approve Sale of Meat & Milk From Cloned Animals
    * Stephen Colbert: “There’s Nothing In The Prompters… What the Hell’s Going On”

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