Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – January 7, 2008

"The Overwhelming Majority of the Pakistani People Feel Dismayed and Disappointed at the Bush Administration’s Policy" – Fmr. Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif
"I Respect the Distance He is Trying to Create" – Jesse Jackson On Why He Supports But Hasn’t Been Asked to Campaign For Obama
The Youth Vote in 2008: Students Flood New Hampshire on Eve of Primary

Today’s Headlines
Obama’s Surges In NH Polls Following Iowa Victory
Edwards & Clinton Clash During Democratic Debate
Kucinich Files FCC Complaint After Being Barred From Debate
McCain: “Fine With Me” If U. S. Is In Iraq For 100 Years
U. S. Considers Expanding Covert Operations in Pakistan
Jose Padilla Sues Torture Memo Author John Yoo
Israel Vows To Escalate Attacks in Gaza
Dow Jones Index Suffers Worst Start to New Year Since 1904
Sen. McGovern Calls For Impeachment Of Bush & Cheney
Red Cross: U. S. Held Dozens Incommunicado at Bagram Prison in Afghanistan

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