Flashpoints – January 1, 2008

We take a look back at our top stories, in part two of our New Years special featuring the best of Flashpoints in 2007. We’ll talk about a visit to a former Palestinian children’s prison in the occupied West Bank; the struggle of life under Israeli military occupation and colonization from the eyes of a young mother in a threatened Palestinian village; hip hop and education as a form of political resistance; the Reverend Lennox Yearwood suffers an arrest and beating by police as he tries to attend the Patreaus hearing on Capitol Hill; attacks on protesters in New Orleans; and a homeland security bill that’s reminiscent of Orwellian thought crimes.

5:00 Play Flashpoints Theme Music:

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5:01 Best of Flashpoints 2007: Part Two, July to December

[58:00] intro: self-contained

Dennis Bernstein, Nora Barrows-Friedman, Emily Howard, Evelina Molina, JR, Kristen Ess

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