Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – January 21, 2007

In our first hour…

Where did you buy your last new pair of jeans? No matter where you bought it, before it reached the store it’s "life" probably began in a factory in China… Micha Peled’s documentary "China Blue" goes into a jeans factory
in China and takes a look at the working conditions of the young women who make the jeans. The film brings up U.S.-China political and trade relations and economic issues, in addition to labor issues…

Our guests:

Filmmaker Micha Peled’s "China Blue" is
screening starting January 19th at the Rafael Film Center in Mill Valley.

Sharon Hom is the Executive Director of Human Rights In China

Robert L. Terrell is a professor of communications at California State University East Bay. He lived for years in China, where he was a reporter.

And, in our second hour…

There are some in Congress talking about cutting off funding for the U.S. occupation of Iraq… There are many more among the American people organizing to demand that Congress do just that…

Our guests:

Ruth Flower, a specialist on military budgeting with the Committee on National Legislation

Michael Eisenscher, organizer for US Labor Against the War.

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