Womens Magazine

Women’s Magazine – January 1, 2007

Retrospective and Prospective

As we bid farewell to 2006, the KPFA Women’s Magazine brings you excerpts of previously aired shows in today’s first half hour, including topics of sexual assault; emigration; the arts, including performance, poetry, and music; militarisaiton; trafficking; and disability.

In the latter half of this afternoon’s show, KPFA’s Women’s Magazine presents a glimpse of what you will hear in 2007, including host Rivian Berlin’s look at urban farmers who are women. And Rivian will present a feminist reframing of national security, environmentalism and food security with guest Margo Okazawa Rey. Host Preeti Shekar interviews photographer Jasmeen Patheja about the Blank Noise Project, implemented to raise awareness on the issue of street sexual harassment of women, especially in urban Indian cities and towns where women get harassed, either physically or non-verbally. Host Lisa Dettner examines Islamic feminism. Host Safi wa Nairobi has the Granny Peace Brigade story for you, and host Kate Rafael identifies the top ten under-reported stories from 2006.

It’s Women’s Magazine: Retrospective and Prospective, followed by the community calendar here on 94.1 FM, KPFA.

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