Flashpoints – December 19, 2007

Immigration agents raid an Oakland Elementary School yesterday and attempt to separate yet another mother from her son, we’ll speak to a school official and Arnoldo Garcia about the intensification of ICE raids and racist anti-immigrant attacks across the country; Also, JR and the Block Report speak with a member of the San Francisco 8 for an update on that case; Activist Nation takes a look at torture paid for by American tax dollars; and the Knight Report.

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5:01 Knight Report

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Robert Knight

5:05 ICE Raids at Oakland Elementary School

[18:00] intro: self-contained

Moyra Contraras, Principle at Melrose Leadership Academy

Arnoldo Garcia, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights- http://www.nnirr.org/

5:23 Human Rights Activist Documents Israeli War Crimes; PSA

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Mark Turner, Flashpoints Correspondent

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5:26 Block Report: San Francisco 8

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JR and the Block Report and Richard Brown, San Francisco 8

5:50 Activist Nation: A Very Merry Torture Holiday

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Joe Tougas and Rafael Malik, World Can’t Wait- www.worldcantwait.org

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