Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – December 19, 2007

EXCLUSIVE…Blackwater Sued Again For Sept. 9th Attack, Five Iraqis Dead, Ten Wounded
TV BROADCAST EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Witnesses, Victims Describe Blackwater Shooting in Harrowing Detail
Military Contractor CACI Accused of Widespread Abuse in Suit Brought By 256 Prisoners Held in Iraqi Jails

Today’s Headlines

    * Report: Admin Lawyers Discussed Destroying CIA Tapes
    * Judge Orders Hearing on Whether Tape Destruction Defied Court
    * FCC OKs Laxer Media Ownership Rules
    * Senate Approves $70B in War Funding
    * House Passes Energy Bill
    * Fed Mortgage Plan Excludes Subprime Homeowners
    * U.S. Denies Backing Turkish Raid on Kurds
    * FARC to Release 3 Hostages to Venezuela
    * Leaders Gather for MERCOSUR Summit
    * UN Calls for Death Penalty Moratorium
    * Huckabee Denies Equating Homosexuality, Necrophilia

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