Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – December 17, 2007

Spending Bill Includes $24 Billion Loan Guarantees for Nuclear Industry
Harvey Wasserman on New Ohio Voting Report: "The 2004 Election Was Stolen… Finally We Have Irrefutable Confirmation"
Four of Bolivia’s Wealthiest Regions Declare Autonomy in Protest of New Constitution
A Debate on Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s Failed Constitutional Referendum
FCC Chair Kevin Martin Refuses to Delay Vote on Proposed Rewrite of Media Ownership Rules

Today’s Headlines

    * Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Villages in Iraq
    * Democratic Senators OK $189 Billion in New Iraq War Funding
    * Report: More Troops Sought For Afghanistan
    * Mukasey Blocks Congressional Probe of Destroyed CIA Tapes
    * Anti-Torture Bill Fails in Senate
    * Senate to Debate Expanding Government’s Spy Powers
    * Bali Talks Ends Without Plan To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    * Rep. Wexler Leads New Effort to Impeach Cheney
    * Players Linked to Bush’s Texas Rangers Named in Steroid Report
    * Demolition of New Orleans Public Housing Postponed

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