The Morning Show

The Morning Show – November 9, 2007

Morning Show  will focus on Pakistan Under Marshall Law with MUMTAZ AHMAD, in Islamabad. Professor of political science at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and ANITA WEISS,  also in Islamabad who is co-editor of the book "Power and Civil Society in Pakistan" and professor of international studies at the university of Oregon.  Then immigrants, deportations and detention centers will be discussed by Arnoldo Garcia, director of the Immigrant Justice & Rights Program.  Next an update on Wednesday’s oil spill in the San Francisco Bay.  In the second hour activists will protest Chevron’s expansion of the Refinery in Richmond and  Robert Redford  will discuss "Lions for Lambs"  his latest  film. Wrapping up the program Kevin Danaher and  Fritjof Capra will discuss the 6th annual  San Francisco Green Festival.

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