The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – July 20, 2006

Mirrors, Windows, Doors

The Compassionate Trickster within us all, holds a mirror to society, with a wave of her hand, turns it into a window – the vision of how it could be. And with another wave turns the window into a door. Caroline is joined today by Rabbi Michael Lerner, and at the half hour by Deborah Fekmeth of Syria,
that we may be active agents of story, vision and animation.

Rabbi Michael Lerner | End the Suffering in the Middle East
"The people of the Middle East are suffering again as militarists on all sides, and cheerleading journalists, send forth missiles, bombs and endless words of self-justification for yet another pointless round of violence between Israel and her neighbors," writes Rabbi Michael Lerner. This most recent episode of irrationality "evokes tears of sadness, incredulity at the lack of empathy on all sides, anger at how little anyone seems to have learned from the past, and moments of despair as we once again see the religious and democratic ideals subordinated to the cynical realism of militarism."

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