Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – June 4, 2006

In our first hour… Urban Poverty: In late 2005 the Brookings Institute ranked Fresno as the city with the most concentrated level of poverty in the United States. What’s the history, what’s happening now, and what’s being done well and not-so-well…

Our guests:

And in our second hour… Air Quality and Human Health: Fresno’s air quality ranks 3rd worse among 239 Metropolitan areas in the
United States. Why’s it so bad, and what’s it doing to the health of those who live here?

Our guests:

  • California Senator Dean Florez
  • Kevin Hamilton, Respiratory Therapist and member of the Citizen’s advisory committee at the air district
  • Carolina Simunovic, Environmental Health Coordinator at Fresno Metro Ministries
  • Teresa DeAnda: El Comite para el Bienestar de Earlimart
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