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Women’s Magazine – May 15, 2006

This Monday May 15th at 1pm on KPFA radio 94.1 the Women’s Magazine will be offering the film "Raise Your Voice" as a thank you gift. This film is a moving documentary about the all-female African American a cappella group "Sweet Honey in the Rock." Sweet Honey is an experience like no other. Together for over 30 years they were pivotal in bringing music to the civil rights movement combining the sacred music of the black church, Jazz and Blues with politics, singing about injustice, activism, community, home and love all from a Black Women’s perspective. The award winning film "Raise Your Voice" gives insight into the uniqueness of Sweet Honey that makes
every concert a personal transformation. We will also talk to Carol Maillard, one of the founding members of Sweet Honey about the film and the future of Sweet Honey.

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