Flashpoints – April 7, 2006

Today, Walkout, a new film by Edward James Olmos, remembers the Chicano student uprising of 1968 in East LA, and sets the stage for the current student uprisings that started in LA and have caught on across the country, we’ll speak to Paula Christosemos, the leader of the 68 student rebellion; also, we’ll speak to Richard Montoya of Culture Clash about their new consiousness-raising play, Zorro In Hell; California legislators respond to HR4437 with a resolution drafted by Leland Yee and Fabian Nunez, we’ll be joined by Assemblyman Yee in the studio to talk about the resolution; a report from Mexico with our technical director and Flashpoints en Espanol producer Miguel Guerrero; and JR talks about the continued federal abandonment in the wreckage of New Orleans.

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