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Women’s Magazine – April 3, 2006

This April 3rd on Women’s Magazine we will talk to documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto director of "Divorce Iranian Style" and "Pride of Place" just two of her many films being shown at the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley this April 13th thur April 15th. Kim Longinotto’s direct, compassionate documentaries take us into the often inaccessible worlds of girls and women who are standing up for their rights in the face of tradition.

And Preeti Shekar interviews Sikata Banerjee on her book "Make me a Man: Masculinity, Hinduism and Nationalism in India," focusing on how the right wing Hindu fundamentalist movement in India shapes ideas and ideals of masculinity and femininity and what this implies for women in Indian society. Also for National Poetry month we will feature well know and not so well known women poets.

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