Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – January 18, 2006

On this week’s program, we will hear a discussion on the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. The governments of the Unites States and the European Trio- Britain, France and Germany- have stated that they are ready to refer Iran to the UN Security Council which can subsequently impose political and economic sanctions on the country unless Iran brings to an end all activities related to uranium enrichment process. Joining Shahram Aghamir, for this discussion, will be Professor Behrooz Moazami, a visiting Assistant Professor of the Middle Eastern History at Long Island University and Mansour Farhang, Professor of International Relations, at Bennington College in Vermont. Professor Farhang headed the first Iranian delegation to the UN after the Iranian revolution of 1979

Later in the program, we will bring you a discussion about a fascinating historical documentary by Algerian French director Derri Berkani on the seldom told story of how the Muslim Algerian community in Paris mobilized during World War Two to help rescue Jewish children hunted down by the French collaborators and German police for deportation to the concentration camps. Local activist and freelance writer Annette Herskovitz, herself a child rescued in France during the war, will join Khalil and Derri Berkani in this discussion. Ms. Herkowitz will be showing this documentary at St Joseph the Worker in Berkeley on February 3rd.

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