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APEX Express – October 27, 2005

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The words of Thich Nhat Hanh as he spoke at the Colors of Compassion retreat in Southern California last month.

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk. During the war in Vietnam, he worked tirelessly for reconciliation between North and South Vietnam. His lifelong efforts to generate peace moved Martin Luther King, Jr. to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. He lives in exile in a small community in France where he teaches, writes, gardens, and works to help refugees worldwide. He has conducted many mindfulness retreats in Europe and North America helping veterans, children, environmentalists, psychotherapists, artists and many thousands of individuals seeking peace in their hearts, and in their world.

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APEX is pre-empted 10/27…but this a chance to check out our websites. On the Apexexpress site we have audio clips, archived Apex radio shows and articles. Some of what’s up on audio is: what ties Jet Li to Philosophy as Taoism and martial arts master Alex Feng talks about the Tao and about his center’s up-coming conference 10/28/05. And as Pakistanis have been hard hit by the quake; learn about how the local Lodi Pakistani community has been hit in the post-9/11 era in an article on site. Also, API hip hop is found on myspace.com with the latest that you haven’t lhardly heard anywhere else. Please write or contact us – we want to grow our sites! Deep appreciations.

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