Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – October 20, 2005

Killing the Witness: Spanish Judge Orders Arrest & Extradition of U.S. Soldiers in Death of Spanish Journalist Jose Couso in Iraq

The judge said the action was needed because the U.S. had provided "no judicial cooperation" in trying to resolve the death. We hear response from the Couso family and air excerpts from the documentary "Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness," featuring eyewitnesses to the shooting including reporters and two of the U.S. soldiers facing arrest.

Saddam Hussein Pleads Innocent in Trial Over 1982 Shiite Massacre

We speak with writer Larry Everest on how many of Saddam Hussein’s war crimes occurred when Iraq was backed by the United States and the upcoming Bush Commission in New York where a group of academics and attorneys plan to accuse the Bush administration of war crimes in Iraq.

Robert Fisk: War is the "Total Failure of the Human Spirit"

We play an interview with veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk of the London Independent, speaking last month in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fisk says, "The Americans must leave [Iraq]. And the Americans will leave but the Americans can’t leave. And that’s the equation that turns sand into blood. Once you become an occupying power, you take on the responsibilities for the civilians, which we have not done. But you also have a responsibility to yourself. You have to keep justifying, over and over and over again to your own populations, you were right to do it."

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