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Women’s Magazine – October 17, 2005

Today Women’s Magazine offers as a premium copies of the fascinating and award
film "Blossoms of Fire." This film, that is not available commercially,
is a
beautiful and inspiring documentary about the uncorrupted indigenous
town of Juchitan in Mexico, a place that has been called a matriarchy, with
strong women, progressive politics, and an unusual acceptance of
and gender variation. This film is an eye opening and inspiring
exprience for
those of us trapped in the alienation of the west. We will be
interviewing the
director or the film Maureen Gosling, as well as Martha Toledo a musician
artist from the town of Juchitan. And we will be offerring the CD Lluvia de
Suenos, a beautiful collection of rare music and poetry of indigenous
from Mexico , a cd that is not available in the US. So tune in this monday
October 17th from 1-2pm to support women’s voices.

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