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Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 28, 2005

Bush’s "Brownie": Former FEMA Head Michael Brown Said He Warned Bush Directly Before Hurricane Struck
The ousted director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael Brown, appeared before a special congressional panel set up by House Republican leaders to investigate the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina.

Homeland Security Chief Chertoff, Not Brown, Was Responsible For Federal Response To Huricane Katrina

We speak Knight Ridder reporter Alison Young about the Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff’s responsibilities and the shift of blame to former FEMA head Michael Brown.

Lott’s Bad Bet: Fomer Senate Majority Leader Blocked Moves to Protect Mississippi Coast

Backed by the gambling industry, Republican Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi outmuscled army officials who tried to impose a moratorium on casino projects along the coast. We speak with Washington Post reporter Michael Grunwald.

William Arkin on the Increasing Military Role in Emergency Response

President Bush wants to use the hurricane to wipe out Posse Comitatus, which bans the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement. Former intelligence analyst William Arkin talks about the apparently growing role of the military in responding to natural disasters and other domestic crises.

St. Patrick’s Four Acquitted of Federal Conspiracy Charges

Four Catholic peace activists have just been acquitted of felony conspiracy charges – the first case of this kind since the Vietnam War. We speak with two of the four activists whose charges stem from an antiwar action on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq.

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