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Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 27, 2005

After the Hurricane: Where Have All the Prisoners Gone? More Than 500 From New
Orleans Jail Still Unaccounted For

A month after Hurricane Katrina, serious questions remain about the
fate of hundreds of prisoners in New Orleans. Human Rights Watch says there are
unaccounted for, while prisoners and their lawyers say many were abandoned
in the flooding jails. We’ll speak with Human Rights Watch’s researcher, as well
as a man who was in the Orleans Parish Prison during the storm, and two lawyers
fighting to discover what exactly happened inside the jails.

Has the Government Abandoned New Orleans’ Top Black Colleges?
Two historically black colleges in New Orleans remain closed after
Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. Reopening the colleges requires money, which
may prove
a challenge. We speak with the President of Xavier University about this.

Al Jazeera Spain Correspondent Sentenced to Prison on Charges of Collaborating
with al Qaeda
Al Jazeera correspondent, Taysir Allouni, rose to prominence after conducting
the first interview with Osama bin Laden after 9/11. A Spanish court has
just sentenced him to 7 years in prison on charges he aided al Qaeda. We go to
to speak with journalist Lamis Andoni, who currently works as a consultant
for al Jazeera. She was with Taysir Allouni one of the three times when he was
on charges of collaborating with al Qaeda

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