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Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 21, 2005

Cuba’s Number 2, Ricardo Alarcon, Blasts ‘Neoliberal’ Katrina Response
an exclusive interview in the firehouse studio, Ricardo Alarcon, President of
the Cuban National Assembly, talks about the US government’s handling of
the hurricane and talks about Cuba’s effective hurricane response system,
saying, "Our
Entire National Defense, Our Entire Army, And Our Entire Society Is Prepared
To Defend Itself, Not To Attack Others, Not To Occupy Foreign Lands."

Alarcon Demands Immediate Release of ‘Cuban 5’ : ‘They Are Now Kidnapped’
speak with Ricardo Alarcon about the case of the Cuban 5 – five Cuban
nationals arrested in 1998 and accused of being spies and a threat to US
national security.

Alarcon Defends Imprisonment of ‘Independent Librarians’ in Cuba, Cites Washington’s
Funding of Anti-Castro Groups in Havana
Ricardo Alarcon responds to charges
that Cuba is cracking down on ‘independent librarians’ and he calls for the immediate
extradition of Luis Posada Carriles – the
anti-Castro militant being held in Texas.

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