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Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 8, 2005

FEMA Chief Brown: Former Head of the Arabian Horse Association Qualified to Manage

We speak with Judd Legum from the Center of American Progress about FEMA’s
role in handling the catastrophe in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Why FEMA Failed: The Bush Administration and Disaster Relief
As Republican leaders
announced a joint House-Senate inquiry into failures surrounding the response
to Hurricane Katrina, we take a look at why FEMA failed
with staff writer Farhad Manjoo who writes, "Ideologically opposed
to a strong federal role in disaster relief and obsessed with terrorism,
the Bush administration let a once-admired agency fall apart."

Politicizing Disaster Relief: How FEMA Overcompensated Florida Citizens in
the Run-Up to the Presidential Election
We look at FEMA’s disaster response in Florida in the fall of 2004, and how
the presidential election played a role in the distribution of hurricane

Toxic Soup: The Deadly Floodwaters of New Orleans
As the toxicity of the New Orleans’ floodwaters grows worse, we
look at the environmental and public health dangers looming in the city.
We speak with
a chemical toxicologist and independent water-consultant about the problems
in the water of New Orleans.

Depleted Disaster Aid: Rejecting International Donations and the Using Of
Resources in Iraq
While international donations have been pouring in for victims of
hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration has been somewhat reluctant
to accept offers
from countries like Cuba and Venezuela. We speak with Phyllis Bennis
of the Institute for Policy Studies about international donations
and how essential resources have been stretched thin by the war in Iraq.

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