Special Programming

KPFA Special Broadcast – September 5, 2005

this episode is no longer available

5 hour Labor Day Special

7:00 PM
CA State Workers, High Stress and The Battle For A Contract

7:30 PM
Teachers, Privatization And the Right To An Education

8:00 PM
The Crisis In Labor and The AFL-CIO & The AMFA-NWA Strike With Call-Ins

9:00 PM
Deregulation, Injured Workers And The "Disability Nightmare"

9:30 PM
Wal-Martization, What It Is and How To Fight It

10:00 PM
Iraq, Working People, The War And The Debate In The AFL-CIO

10:30 PM
Northwest Women¹s Trade Union School & Women Workers Fight For Justice

11:00 PM
The Double Stigma, Migrant Sex Industry Workers & U.S. Politics

12:00 Program Ends

This Labor Day Programming was produced by Carl
Bryant, Maxine Doogan, Tami Bryant, Kazmi Torii,
Nancey Keiler, Silvia Ledema, Terri Re, Steve Zeltzer

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