Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – August 21, 2005

Larry Bensky will feature a two hour special this Sunday, 9an – 11am
pacific, on Cindy Sheehan, and the hundreds of people now in
Crawford, Texas, to confront George Bush about his policies in Iraq.
We’ll hear from many mothers who have lost sons in the Iraq war, and
speak with Harold Meyerson from the Washington Post. Pacifica
journalist Aaron Glantz, author of "How America Lost Iraq," describes
the place where Casey Sheehan died, and updaters us on the current
situation in Iraq. We’ll hear about the plight of the first Iraq War
Veterans and what the current soldiers have to face from exposure to
depleted uranium when we speak with Joyce Riley, producer of the dvd,
"Beyond Treason." As always, we welcome listener calls.

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