Terra Verde

Terra Verde – August 5, 2005

Pioneering Environmental MBA Programs in the Bay Area

In the past four years, three environmental MBA programs have been launched
in the United States, two of which are in the Bay Area. New College of San
Francisco pioneered the concept with its Green MBA, launched in 2001.
Presidio World College’s Presidio School of Management enrolled its first
students for its MBA in Sustainable Management in 2003. (For the benefit of
curious listeners…the program outside the Bay Area is Bainbridge Graduate
Institute in Washington State, which began to offer its MBA in Sustainable
Business in 2002.) Unlike traditional MBA programs, in which students take
a standard course of study their first year and then have the option of
taking individual classes or doing a specialization in environment or
sustainability, environmental MBA programs integrate issues of the
environment and sustainability from the beginning of the first year. Terra
Verde’s guests are from New College and the Presidio School of Management.

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