Womens Magazine

Women’s Magazine – August 1, 2005

We will be featuring two premiums you cannot live
without ! First, we will feature an interview with noted
feminist scholar Susan J. Douglas author of The Mommy Myth, The Idealization of Motherhood and
How It Has Undermined Women.
Douglas introduces us to
"the new momism" trend in American culture that is making women feel
that only through the perfection of motherhood can they truly find
contentment. In our interview we will discuss how the new momism, promoted
by the new conservative agenda, has affected all women
with children or without and we will be offering her
insightful book.

We will also feature the sounds of righteous babe
musician Ani Difranco
whose powerful political lyrics are delivered in own
unique staccato
singing style accompanied by her virtuoso guitar
finger picking. We will
be offering her new album “knuckle Down” and her 2004
album Madison
as a premium.

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