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Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 29, 2005

Roberts’ Record on Civil Rights Enters Battle Over Supreme Court Nomination
the ongoing controversy over the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts, questions
are being raised over Roberts’ role in the civil rights debates
of the 1980s. During his tenure as Deputy Assistant General under Reagan,
Roberts advocated a narrow interpretation of a variety of civil rights laws,
and presented
a defense of congressional efforts to strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction
over busing, abortion and school prayer cases. We speak with Ralph Neas of
People for the American Way and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Irish Republican Army Announces End to Violence
The Irish Republican Army Thursday
called for all of its volunteers to disarm, effectively ending a 36-year guerilla
campaign against the British government.
We’ll look at whether this move will really change the fate of Northern

CAFTA Voting Irregularities
After Congress passes CAFTA by one vote in a midnight
count, questions are being raised about the process. We speak with the Director
of Public Citizen’s
Global Trade Watch about the GOP leaders’ round-up of House votes to approve
trade agreement.

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