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Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 27, 2005

Latin America’s "Bin Laden" Denied Bail, Judge Cites Posada’s

Leading anti-Castro terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is denied bail in his Texas
immigration trial. We speak with a U.S. immigration lawyer who has been retained
by the Venezuelan government to represent it in the case as it continues
to demand his extradition as well as the Chair of the National Lawyers Guild’s
Cuba Subcommittee.

Rove’s Backers Use "CounterSpy Defense" in CIA Leak Case
We speak with veteran investigative journalist Robert Parry, who writes that
Karl Rove’s defenders are rebutting accusations about the White House aide’s
leaking of a CIA officer’s identity by using an argument that parallels a
rationale cited by leftists who defended CounterSpy after a CIA officer exposed
by the
magazine in 1975 was gunned down in Greece.

FLASHBACK: Renegade CIA Officer Phillip Agee Calls Outing of Valerie
Plame "Dirty
Whoever in the White House exposed Valerie Plame could be charged under the
Intelligence Identities Protection Act. We rebroadcast an interview with
former CIA officer Phillip Agee, for whom, many believe, the Act was written.

of Guatemalan Rebel Killed by CIA Asset Says CIA Operatives Engaged in Criminal
Acts Should be Exposed
Is it ever justified to blow a CIA operative’s
cover? We speak with human rights attorney Jennifer Harbury – her husband was
a Mayan leader who was killed
by a CIA asset in Guatemala.

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