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Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 25, 2005

Two Unions Expected to Quit AFL-CIO in One of the Largest Shakeups Ever in the
American Labor Movement
Four of the nation’s largest labor unions have announced they will boycott
the AFL-CIO convention this week to protest the direction of the federation.
Two of these unions – the Teamsters and the Service Employees International
Union – are expected to announce they are leaving the federation altogether.
We go to Chicago to get a report from the convention.

Hate Crimes Soar in Britain as Police Defend "Shoot to Kill" Policy
A wave of anti-Muslim, Arab and South Asian hate crimes are sweeping Britain
in the wake of the July 7th Subway and Bus bombings. Race and religion-based
attacks are up 500% and communities of color are concerned that law enforcement
authorities are also racially profiling targets in their anti-terrorism campaign.
We go to London to speak with the Islamic Society of Britain.

Bush Met With Judge Roberts One Day Before Crucial Ruling on Guantanamo Military

As the Bush administration refuses to hand over documents written by
Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, we talk to Yale University professor Bruce
about Roberts’ crucial ruling on military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees,
his views on abortion and much more.

Father Jean-Juste Arrested in Port-au-Prince, Held Incommunicado
Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste, a leader in ousted president Jean-Bertrand
Aristide’s Lavalas party, was arrested last week and charged with the assassination
of journalist Jaques Roche even though he was in Miami at the time of the murder.
Father Jean-Juste is now being held incommunicado. We go to his lawyer, Bill
Quigley, who just returned to Louisiana from Port-au-Prince.

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