The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – June 30, 2005

Caroline is joined once again by practicing mage, John Michael Greer for
Part two: Political Change Through Cultural Magic -whose essay, a magical critique of social activism is posted at

The Conyer’s hearings (Blessings be upon him) re the
Downing Street memo could lead to grounds for Impeachment of President
George W. Bush. Coyote Network News reads this as a splendid and exactly
on time animation of GW Bush’s Saturn return (:accountability comes down,
33rd anniversary of Watergate etc.— all happening right now!)
As Neptune transits the US Midheaven, at the "Unmasking" degree, might the
populace awaken from its pharmaceutically enhanced narcolepsy to blow the
air of truth upon the embers of democracy? May it be so. We dedicate this
show to that vision. Tune in and see (literally).

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