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Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 13, 2005

John Bolton Suffers Setback In Bid to Become UN Ambassador

In a rare move, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has sent the nomination of John Bolton as UN ambassador to the full Senate without an endorsement.

War Resister Pablo Paredes Wins Surprise Victory: Military Judges Orders No Jail Time For Refusing Deployment Orders

Paredes was convicted in a court-martial on Wednesday. However a judge decided Thursday not to sentence him to jail – instead he will face three months of hard labor.

Missouri Prepares to Cut 100,000 More From Receiving Medicaid Benefits

Last week, the Missouri state legislature sent Republican Governor Matt Blunt a budget that will eliminate Medicaid coverage for almost 100,000 low-income parents, people with disabilities and elderly people who receive benefits.

Ousted Haitian PM Yvon Neptune Enters 25th Day of Hunger Strike

The Caribbean Community, known as CARICOM, has officially called on the provisional Haitian government to release Neptune immediately. Neptune is now reported to be very near death with a top UN official saying he can barely walk or talk and is in and out of consciousness.

Affordable Wireless Internet For All: How Media Activists Are Making Champaign-Urbana Illinois A Model For Community Wi-Fi

We speak with Sascha Meinrath, project coordinator of the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network. Meinrath also volunteers with the Champaign-Urbana Indymedia Center which just bought a 30,000 square foot post office.

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