Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 3, 2005

Bush Administration Allied With Sudan Despite Role in Darfur Genocide

The Los Angeles Times has revealed that the U.S. has quietly forged a close intelligence partnership with Sudan despite the government’s role in the mass killings in Darfur. We speak with Ken Silverstein, the reporter who broke the story, Salih Booker, the director of Africa Action as well as Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ).

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Blasts U.S. Nuclear Proliferation Policies

It’s been 60 years since the dawn of the nuclear age. Thirty years since the end of the Vietnam War. We speak with a man who helped end that war – Vietnam whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg.

Students Occupy Univ. of Hawaii Building to Protest Construction of Military Center

A group of students at the University of Hawaii have been occupying the administration building to protest the construction of a Navy Military Research Center on their campus. We speak with one of the students occupying the building.

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