The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 7, 2005

Two Democratic senators are putting a hold on president Bush’s nomination of Stephen Johnson to head the Environmental Protection Agency until he cancels a program to test pesticide exposure of children in a Florida county…the program is partly funded by the American Chemistry Council…two other senators are blocking the nomination of Lester Crawford as head of the Food and Drug Administration in a dispute over the sale of the “Morning After Pill”….

In a dramatic reversal governor Arnold Schwarzenegger backs off his plan to reshape the state’s public employee pension system …..Schwarzenegger says he’ll take to the ballot in the June 2006 primary if lawmakers don’t come up with a compromise

A state appeals court denies another attempt by the governor to stop new hospital nurse staffing levels from taking effect

San Francisco moves a step closer to building homes on the former hunters point naval shipyard

The city of Salinas has raised a half million dollars to keep its public libraries from closing

And Mexico’s congress votes in favor of legal action against the country’s most popular politician, probably knocking him out of next year’s presidential race

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