Democracy Now 9am (rebroadcast)

Democracy Now! (6 am) – March 23, 2005

Wounded Spanish Journalist Olga Rodriguez Describes the U.S. Attack on the Palestine Hotel That Killed Two of Her Colleagues

On April 8th, 2003, the U.S. military opened fire on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, killing two journalists: Taras Protsyuk, a Reuters cameraman from Ukraine, and Jose Couso from the Spanish TV network, Telecinco. We speak with Spanish journalist Olga Rodriguez, who was wounded in the attack. She says, "I never imagined that American troops were going to attack journalists living in a place protected by international law."

Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness – Documentary Exposes the Truth Behind the Attack

We air an excerpt of the documentary, "Hotel Palestine: Killing the Witness," produced by Jose Couso’s network, Telecinco, and broadcast on Spanish TV. It includes interviews with numerous journalists who were inside the Palestine Hotel, the AP reporter embedded with US forces at the time of the attack as well as the US tank commander who pulled the trigger.

Brother of Slain Journalist Jose Couso Calls for Prosecution of Those Responsible for U.S. Attack on Palestine Hotel

We speak with Jose Couso’s brother, Javier, who is in the United States to call for an independent investigation into the death of his brother and the prosecution of those responsible.

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