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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 27, 2005

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Senator Ted Kennedy calls on President Bush to negotiate a timetable to
bring us troops home from Iraq immediately after the country’s election. …Kennedy, the first senator to call for withdrawal, says at least 12-thousand soldiers should leave immediately and all should be out as early as possible next year ……

California utility regulators suspend an eight month old crackdown on
abusive practices in the wireless telephone industry. …the vote to revoke the
telecommunications consumer bill of rights is three to one despite
protests from consumer activists and the state’s top law enforcement

The Bush administration announces it will not ask the Supreme Court to
overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s sweeping changes of media
ownership rules. …’s now back to the drawing board for the FCC… .

A Congressional delegation back from Darfur, Sudan calls for sanctions
against the Sudanese government

Junk science the charge as Chevron, Texaco clears itself of dumping toxic
waste in the Amazon

Somber ceremonies in Poland as the 60th anniversary of the liberation
of Auschwitz is commemorated

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