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The Morning Show – January 26, 2005

7:00 am
Shopping Bags for a Price. Christine Rosen, Professor of Business at the Hass Business School of UC Berkeley;
Gloria Chan, spokesperson SF Dept of the Environment;
Martin Bourque, Executive Director of Berkeley’s Ecology Center.

7:30 am
David Bacon on Labor:
On this week’s Labor Report, on KPFA’s Morning Show, hosts David
Bacon and Philip Maldari interview Andy Stern, President of the
Service Employees International Union.

How can the US labor movement stop the decline in the percentage of
unionized workers and regain political power? How should labor deal
with the most important political issues of the day, from war to
immigration to health care? Can unions and community organizations
stand up to the Bush offensive in his second term?

These questions and more are part of a series of interviews on the
Labor Report about proposals for a new direction for the AFL-CIO, and
the US labor movement. On previous segments, KPFA featured
interviews with John Dalrymple, former executive secretary of the
Contra Costa County Central Labor Council, and Steve Early, New
England Organizing Coordinator for the Communications Workers of
America. More perspectives are coming.

8:00 am
Another Chance for Peace in Israel/Palestine?
Rashid Khalidy, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies,
Director of Middle East Institute, Columbia University; Peretz Kidron, author Refusenik!: Israel’s Soldiers of Conscience.

8:30 am
Michael Klare, Professor of Peace and World Securities Studies at
Hampshire College, author of Blood and Oil: The Dangers and
Consequences of America’s Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum

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