The Morning Show

The Morning Show – January 24, 2005

7:00 am
The Dominion of War: Empire
and Liberty in North America, 1500-2000
Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton.

7:30 am
UC Berkeley’s new development plan: Mayor Tom Bates.

8:00 am
Foreign Policy in Bush’s second term: Condeleeza Rice and the Bush
inaugural speech. Laura Flanders, author of Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species.

8:30 am
The Onion, satirical newspaper. Peter Koechley, long-time Onion writer; Mike Loewe, graphics editor.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 7:32 am

Artist: Wasis Diop

Title: Digge

Album: Everything is Never Quite Enough

Label: Triloka Records / Artemis Records

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