The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 17, 2005

Thousands around the country mark the day of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior.. .gay rights marchers in Atlanta say King would have supported their
rights …King’s son preaches against the war in Iraq …governor Schwarzenegger claims King as a hero… and president Bush, who has clashed with the NAACP, praises King’s intellect and courage…

On the eve of Donald Beardslee’s execution at San Quentin, religious leaders
are arrested at the prison gates following a prayer service…

Another bloody day across Iraq as resistance fighters kill at least 22
Iraqi police and soldiers…an Iraqi archbishop is kidnapped. ..the U.S.
arrests more than 100 suspects…

Palestinian president. Mahmoud Abbas announces he’ll visit Gaza to try to
persuade Palestinian fighters to stop their attacks against Israel.. .Hamas
says it reserves the right to resist Israeli occupation.

The United Nations urges the world’s richest countries to double their
development aid over the next decade.. .

Former Chinese Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang dies after spending the
last fifteen years under house arrest. ..Zhao had opposed the 1989 Tienamen
Square crackdown against pro democracy demonstrators..

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