The Morning Show

The Morning Show – January 14, 2005

7:00 am
The Supreme Court on Sentencing Guidelines. Edward Lazarus, author of Closed Chambers: The Rise, Fall, and Future of the Modern
Supreme Court

7:30 am
New Dietary Guidelines from Your Government. Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University.

8:00 am
The final segment in our four-part series on restaurant workers: success in organizing for paid breaks at the Cheesecake Factory, with young and non-English speaking workers crucial to the effort.

8:30 am
Poetry on the Street in Berkeley (literally)! Robert Hass, former poet laureate of the United States and co-editor with Jessica Fisher of The Addison Street Anthology: Berkeley’s
Poetry Walk
. Adam David Miller, Berkeley poet and former Berkeley Civic Arts Commissioner; Mary Ann Merker, secretary of the Berkeley Civic Arts Commission.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 7:30 am

Artist: Paul McCandless, Art Lande, Peter Barshay, Alan Hall

Title: Majestorum Enborum

Album: Shape Shifters

Label: Syncopated Energy Music

Time: 8: 08 am David Bacon’s Labor Segment Theme Song

Artist: Lila Downs

Title: La Linea

Album: Border

Label: Narada Productions, Inc

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