The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 13, 2005

The defense rests in the Abu Ghraib court martial trial of reservist Charles Graner… a former U.S. military policewoman testifies that an intelligence officer at Iraq’s Abu
Ghraib prison told her to point at the genitals of naked detainees, supporting defense contentions that Graner was following orders

Human Rights Watch says Sudanese government officials responsible for the
slaughter in Darfur and U.S. officials tied to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal
in Iraq should be held accountable and prosecuted

Two top aides to Iraqi Shiite leader Ayatollah al-Sistani are killed in
separate attacks…

Relief workers in Aceh province warn that the new Indonesian government
restrictions on providing aid could hamper their efforts…

Californians with disabilities face a double whammy of cuts to their income
and to the salaries of their caregivers…

The special relationship between governor Schwarzenegger and the
California Chamber of Commerce…

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