Conflict Hotline

Conflict Hotline – January 10, 2005

this episode is no longer available

The Conflict Hotline starts its 8-week run with this show. Host Miki
Kashtan offers support to this week’s callers in handling issues in their life, such as: longing for acceptance from family of origin about one’s sexuality; working to reach consensual decisions with a divorced co-parent about visitation with a daughter living abroad; handling issues of trust in relation to previous therapists; trying to work out internalized messages about oneself even after a parent has died; maintaining connection with faraway adult children; doing inner work to achieve more openness; and organizational conflict. The main approach used by Miki was to connect deeply with the feelings and needs of the person speaking, and supporting them, at times, in connecting and understanding the experience of the other person in the conflict in order to achieve a solution that works for everyone based on shared needs.

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