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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 4, 2005

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The United Nations says international aid pledged to victims of the South Asian tsunami has risen to up to three billion dollars …but critics say the aid isn’t getting to
intended recipients in parts of Indonesia and Sri Lanka that are home to
rebel movements…

Iraqi militants assassinate Baghdad’s governor in Iraq’s highest profile
killing in eight months. ..

In Gaza, Israeli tank shells slam into a strawberry patch killing several
Palestinian children…

On the eve of Governor Schwarzenegger’s state of the state address,
democratic treasurer Phil Angelides calls for a tax increase on the state’s
wealthy to fend off expected proposals to cut funding for education and
health care.

Retired military officers join liberal groups in declaring opposition to the
confirmation of Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales

A handful of house democrats urge California senator Barbara Boxer to join
their effort to challenge Ohio’s vote for President Bush when lawmakers
tally the electoral vote on Thursday

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