The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – November 16, 2004

As expected president Bush names National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice
to serve as his new Secretary of State… .Bush says her foreign policy
experience and struggle against racism uniquely qualify her to be America’s
face to the world. . .. .critics say the appointment will strengthen Bush’s
hardline approach to world affairs

Outrage in Iraq over the apparent execution of a wounded unarmed prisoner
in a Fallujah mosque while refugees from that city bring forth stories
of other atrocities.. .. .and a militant group executes Margaret Hassan, the
longtime director of the charity group Care in Iraq

Senate Democrats elect Nevada’s Harry Reid as minority leader replacing the
defeated Tom Daschle …Reid, a moderate, warns Republicans not to try
to change senate rules governing filibusters

Kaiser Permanente to extend the healthcare coverage of thousands of
locked out San Francisco hotel workers …the employees were set to lose
their coverage in two weeks

The California Youth Authority settles a lawsuit over conditions in its
juvenile prisons

Community activists from southeast San Francisco mobilize to block the
Transfer of the Hunter’s Point naval shipyard ….they say it’s still a
toxic hot spot

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