Special Broadcast

KPFA Special Broadcast – October 30, 2004

Heard some disturbing stories about electronic voting machines and the
companies that make them? A significant portion of the electorate will
vote electronically using ATM-like voting machines in November. The
viability of the systems is still in question — a number of incidents
have eroded confidence that the systems can ensure every vote is counted
fairly. Could this year’s Presidential election have balloting snafus
like those in Florida in 2000? Find out from the experts.

Featuring Dr. David L. Dill, Founder and Board Director of VerifiedVoting.org;
Daniel Tokaji, Professor of Law, Ohio University, author of daily blog Equal Vote; Marc Carrel, assistant secretary of state, California;
Dan Burk, Registrar of Voters, Washoe County, Nevada;
Henry Brady, Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley;
and Moderating is Kim Zetter, Senior Reporter, Wired News.

Presented by INFORUM, a division of The Commonwealth Club for people in
their 20s and 30s.

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