Special Broadcast

KPFA Special Broadcast – October 27, 2004

Live Link TV Show Simulcast on Pacifica Radio
"FAQ’s Live: Will There Be A Draft?"
October 26th and 27th
8:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific

The Republican National Committee is in a war with Rock the Vote over
it. Moveon.org just announced a million dollar ad campaign about it. Both
candidates have denied it and Congress has rejected it-the draft. To help
Americans separate fact from fiction on this highly-charged issue, Link TV
in collaboration with Pacifica Radio Network will run a three night series
of live, call-in programs exploring the crisis in military manpower and the
possibility of a post-election draft. This 2-part series, FAQs Live: Will There Be a Draft? begins on October 26th at 8 pm, PST.

Guests will include Lt. General Robert Gard, US Army, retired; Paul
Reickhoff, decorated Iraqi War veteran; and Ann Roesler, a soldier’s mother
and member of Military Families Speak Out. Viewers will be able to
participate by telephone and email with questions and comments.

Link TV: www.linktv.org

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