The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 28, 2004

Two female Italian hostages released in Iraq along with kidnapped Iraqis and
Egyptians.. The release of two French journalists may be near …. but the
fighting goes on with U.S. strikes on Fallujah and in Sadr City in Baghdad

An intelligence report issued to President Bush in January of 2003 warned
him that a U.S. attack on Iraq could lead to guerilla warfare against troops and a new Iraq government

A U.S. citizen captured in Afghanistan was to be released today without
charges. . . .he’ll go back to Saudi Arabia where he grew up. .. .. .John Walker
Lindh — the so-called American Taliban — who was also captured in
Afghanistan asks for a presidential commutation of his 20 year sentence…

A win and a loss for independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. ..he’s
off the ballot- in Oregon but back on in New Mexico

The United Way out with a report on the cost of living for Bay Area
working families. . . .

In the state capitol a people’s hearing on prison closures — a proposal
ignored by the Governor’s California Performance Review

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