The Visionary Activist Show

Pragmatic Mysticisms, Democratic Animism, and applied Divination

Caroline hosts brilliant, prodigiously prolific Matthew Fox,

in collegial cahoots
via his dedication to
re-awakening Mysticism to protect Mother Earth…
Spirituality for the 21st century,
Evolutionary Creation Spirituality movement –

re-wedding Mysticism and activism, author of Meister Eckhart, a Mystic Warrior for our time and The Physics of Angels, co-authored with friend of show Rupert Sheldrake
Founder of The Cosmic Mass,

all of which are available as thank you gifts for pledging to our festival of reciprocal blessing, aka, Fund drive

also, ally Bob Gough, in the wings, here in DC, filing scouting reportson Climate Conference here in DC… 2nd portion of our show, and chiming in on Mysticism and activism…

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