The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – January 16, 2015 at 10:00pm

this episode is no longer available



Al Eaton - Paris - Skyler JettHistory of Funk intro songdemo
Sly & The Family StoneI Want to Take You HigherThe Woodstock ExperienceEpic
Larry Graham & Graham Central StationDance To the Music / The JamLive in London
Zakira Harris & FriendsI Want to Take You HigherUndercover Presents: Stand!
Sly & The Family StoneYou Can Make it If You TryThe Woodstock ExperienceEpic
Sly & The Family StoneThank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)Greatest HitsEpic
Sly & The Family StoneSkin I'm InFresh [Alternate version]Epic
Rustee AllenIf You Want Me To Stay feat. Fred Ross & Tia Nomoredemo
Sly & The Family StoneIf You Want Me To StayFresh [Alternate version]
Ensemble Mik NawoojDon't Call Me Nigger WhiteyUndercover Presents: Stand!
BreakestraRemember Who You AreMessin' With Sly
Rose StoneCan You Make ItAlready Motivated
Arrested DevelopmentPeople Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)single
Tumbleweed WanderersEveryday PeopleUndercover Presents: Stand!
Sly & The Family StoneLove CityAt The Fillmore - Late Show [Disc 2]
Sly & The Family StoneUnderdogThe Essential Sly & The Family StoneEpic
Thank YouSlapbakThe Key
Will Magid & FriendsMy Brain (Zig Zag)Undercover Presents: Stand!
Con BrioSex MachineUndercover Presents: Stand!

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