Terra Verde

Eco-Comics: Info-Sharing & Inspiration (Part 1)

Terra Verde Fundraiser Show: Part I

We’re in a golden age of graphic novels, comics, and cartooning. Let’s make it a golden age for KPFA free speech radio! Hosts Michelle Chan and Laura Garzon Chica (@EarthMediaArts) talk to Andy Singer and Saul Griffith about their environmentally-themed comics projects. Andy Singer’s Why We Drive: The Past Present and Future of Automobiles in America from Microcosm Publishing and Saul Griffith’s Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction from Image Comics are available as premiums during this fund drive.

Please note: This is the first part of a Terra Verde show that went to 3 pm. To hear the rest of the show go to: Eco-Comics Fundraiser Part 2

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