Terra Verde

Sustainable Sheltering in the Era of Downsizing

Tune in to hear about trends toward downsizing in housing. Host Laura Garzon Chica (@EarthMediaArts) discusses sustainable sheltering strategies like tiny homes, natural building, and multigenerational living with diverse guests. Architect Bob Theis (bobtheis.net), a strawbuilding pioneer, is working on a project in East Oakland that tailors natural building to the needs of folks opting for small spaces. Tatille Jackson is gearing up to build her own “living pod” at PLACE (aplaceforsustainableliving.org) that will demonstrate how people can learn to house themselves, with the support of a skilled and passionate community. Kevin Casey, the founder and CEO of New Avenue Homes (newavenuehomes.com), is helping transform single-family homes and properties to accomodate extended family, tenants, or B&B visitors. We also hear briefly from the California Straw Building Association (www.strawbuilding.com) and Tracy Thieriot of Tactile Plastering  (www.tacticleplastering.com).

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